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The Steps To Take To Get Rid Of Pluming Blockages

Is there a stink in your sink? Is your toilet refusing to drain after flushing? These are signs you have a blockage in your plumbing pipes! Some plumbing blockages can be fixed by you, but others need the assistance of a plumber. So, how do you decide which is which? You read up about plumbing blockages right here. Blockages can be caused by foreign objects placed in the loo, hair buildup in the shower trap, or even tree roots breaking through a pipe. Learn more about plumbing blockages so you can identify when it is necessary to pick up the phone and call your plumber.


3 Most Common Hot Water System Repairs

24 February 2020
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When your hot water system breaks down, it's vital to find out what is wrong with it so you can get it fixed as soon as possible. A good local plumber can diagnose the problem and recommend a solution. Here are three of the most common types of hot water system repairs. 1. New Dip Tube The function of the dip tube is to carry clean, cold water into the lower part of your water heater. Read More …

Progressive Plumbing: The New Way of Obtaining Quality Plumbing Services

21 February 2020
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You may be surprised by just how many homeowners are still using old pipes, water heaters, and gas lines in their homes in this new decade. Most people follow the motto "if it's not broke, don't fix it." And while this approach works, it may not be the best for your plumbing system. Similar to other parts of your home, you need plumbing infrastructure that keeps up with modern times. Pipes from the 1960s and toilets from the early 80s will expose you to frequent plumbing emergencies. Read More …

Top Accessories to Install on Hot Water Units

21 February 2020
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You are not going to die just because you don't have access to hot water on one of those cold Australian mornings. However, would you rather heat water on the stove or have a system that automatically heats it whenever you need it? You would go for the latter, and that is why most households install hot water units. While modern hot water units are designed to work efficiently, you should not settle for off-the-shelf installations. Read More …

The Difference Between Wet And Dry Water Tank Systems And Which Is Right For You

21 February 2020
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Collecting rainwater and storing it in a water tank system is a great way to save money and help the environment at the same time. What many people who start looking into getting a water tank system do not know is that there are two different options: wet and dry. While the naming might seem silly as they both deal with water in roughly the same way, there is an important distinction. Read More …

Replacing Your Water Heater: How to Know It’s Time

20 February 2020
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Nothing beats the level of comfort that comes with taking hot showers. That's why hot water systems are among the essential equipment to have in your home. However, just like many appliances, hot water systems may develop an issue down the line. Depending on what the issue is, you may need to repair or replace the system. Replacing your water heater can be a costly affair. Therefore, it's vital to budget well for this, and that's why knowing when to replace your water heater is crucial. Read More …