Top Accessories to Install on Hot Water Units

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Top Accessories to Install on Hot Water Units

21 February 2020
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You are not going to die just because you don't have access to hot water on one of those cold Australian mornings. However, would you rather heat water on the stove or have a system that automatically heats it whenever you need it? You would go for the latter, and that is why most households install hot water units. While modern hot water units are designed to work efficiently, you should not settle for off-the-shelf installations. This is because you can get a lot more from the units by equipping them with the right accessories. However, with so many hot water unit accessories in the market, which one should you get? Read on to find out. 

Flue Diverter

All hot water systems burn natural gas, and the combustion process gives off exhaust gases that are dangerous to the human body. Additionally, if these gases are left to hover near the water heater, they affect the efficiency of the heating process. Therefore, it is necessary to divert these gases away from the system and the house. This is made possible by the venting system that comes with the hot water unit. Unfortunately, standard venting systems don't do an excellent job of preventing back-drafting mainly because they are not designed with the house's ventilation system in mind. As such, most of the exhaust gases remain in the home. Equipped with a fan, a flue diverter allows natural draft, thereby directing the exhaust gases away from the house. 

Water Heater Booster

There are times you might want to add juice to your hot water system. For instance, if you have guests, the chances are that the bathrooms will be in use at the same time. If you rely on your standard water heater unit, then the system will use excess energy. Besides, the delivery of hot water will be slow since the hot water is being shared in different bathrooms. A water heater booster eliminates this issue because it is designed to improve the capacity of water hot water delivery, especially when demand is high, without using more energy. Moreover, a water heater booster helps maintain the temperature of the water for longer, and this is something you might not achieve with your standard heating system. 

Wireless Temperature Control

In a home that has more than one bathroom, it can be challenging to set the desired temperature for each of the bathrooms. Usually, you have to settle for the temperatures that are manually set at the water heater units. A wireless temperature control unit works well by allowing homeowners to set the temperature they want for their particular bathroom wirelessly without affecting the temperatures of other bathrooms. Furthermore, the temperature control unit ensures there is a continuous flow of hot water in individual bathrooms.