What Should You Do If Your Gas Hot Water System Is Not Working As It Should?

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What Should You Do If Your Gas Hot Water System Is Not Working As It Should?

7 November 2022
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If you have a hot water system that is powered by gas, you may be particularly annoyed if your morning shower is running cold. Even though you think that the boiler is working okay, something is not right, but before you call out the plumber, you may be able to carry out a quick fix. Where should you start?

Checking The Power

Even though your system is gas-powered and does not rely on electricity per se, the boiler still requires some power in order to work. So, ensure that this unit is receiving electricity and check the breaker to see if it is still in the "on" position. Modern-day boilers have an electronic control panel, and if yours displays an error code, you may need to press the reset button before moving on.

Resetting And Adjusting

You may also have to reset the panel if you've recently suffered a power outage that may have disrupted any thermostat timings. Alternatively, the thermostat may be playing up and preventing the boiler from igniting as it should. Check to see that the time of day on the boiler readout is correct and reset it if not so. Adjust the thermostat to see if that is working and if the boiler fires up when you do so.

Clearing The Wastewater

Look closely at the pipe designed to drain any waste water away from the boiler. This condensate pipe is sometimes on the outside of your home and may be susceptible to freezing or another blockage. If the water cannot drain away through this pipe, sensors within the boiler system may detect an issue. They'll turn everything off to protect both the boiler and your property until the issue is rectified.

Dealing With A Faulty Valve

Getting slightly more technical, you may have a problem with an internal gas valve. A certain value is responsible for diverting the flow of hot water to either your heating system or to the taps. This valve can sometimes jam in one position or another, especially if the system is quite old. In this situation, you need to call in an expert to repair it, as this is most likely not something you can do yourself.

Calling In The Expert

If you're still at a loss and cannot work out what is wrong, it may be time to call in a plumber. They will help to rectify the issue and make sure that you have an adequate supply of hot water once again. Hopefully, you can get your day off to a better start tomorrow.

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