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The Steps To Take To Get Rid Of Pluming Blockages

Is there a stink in your sink? Is your toilet refusing to drain after flushing? These are signs you have a blockage in your plumbing pipes! Some plumbing blockages can be fixed by you, but others need the assistance of a plumber. So, how do you decide which is which? You read up about plumbing blockages right here. Blockages can be caused by foreign objects placed in the loo, hair buildup in the shower trap, or even tree roots breaking through a pipe. Learn more about plumbing blockages so you can identify when it is necessary to pick up the phone and call your plumber.


Is Root Intrusion the Source of Your Blocked Drains?

1 March 2021
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Healthy, towering trees with full crowns are sought after by many homeowners who want a lush backyard. In addition to elevating the kerb appeal of your property, one or more trees on your property can shelter you from Australia's stifling summer heat, which can eliminate the need for building an outdoor shade. But one aspect of growing trees that not many people think about is how extensive their root systems can be. Read More …