4 Questions To Ask Your Commercial Plumber

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4 Questions To Ask Your Commercial Plumber

2 August 2021
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Commercial plumbers are ideal for businesses and industries that require a plumber to conduct installation, repair, and maintenance works. When searching for a commercial plumber, most organisations will be looking for a reliable and experienced professional. The excerpt below details some questions you can use to interview a commercial plumber. With luck, they will help you hire a plumber who understands your organisational needs. 

1. Who Are Your Current Clients? 

The plumber's current clients can give you insights into the kind of works that they can conduct. For instance, if they have worked with large companies, they could be in a position to repair and maintain complex plumbing systems such as manifold plumbing supply systems, tankless hot water heaters, and air-admittance valves. Contact some of these clients or check online reviews to know how people rate their services. 

2. Are You A Registered Contractor? 

The primary benefit of a registered contractor is that they can hire employees to work on your premises. Remember, it could be difficult for a single person to conduct commercial plumbing works. As a contractor, they should have insurance coverage to cover their employees and subcontractors. It prevents you from bearing liability if the plumber or some of their employees suffer injuries at your site. 

3. What Kind Of Plumbing Works Can You Conduct? 

Below are some commercial plumbing works that the plumber should conduct: 

  • Unclogging sinks and bathroom drains to prevent chronic drainage problems.
  • Conducting regular plumbing system diagnosis to detect leaks. Remember, invisible leaks could damage the insulation, slabs, and ceilings.
  • Creating awareness on how your employees can take care of the plumbing system. For instance, they should not flush metals, sanitary towels, and chemicals down the drain.
  • Checking septic tank levels and advising you when the system requires treatment.
  • Assessing water pressure gauges and ensuring water runs at the ideal pressure.
  • Maintaining the hot water system.

4. Can You Customise A Plumbing Repair And Maintenance Program For The Organisation? 

When it comes to commercial plumbing, you should not call the plumber when the need arises. Instead, you should create a plumbing program detailing the maintenance works to be conducted on the premises. As such, your commercial plumber should inspect your plumbing system and develop a repair and maintenance program detailing the frequency at which they will maintain the system and replace the various fixtures. Besides, they should create a budget to prevent surprises once they send invoices. 

When hiring a commercial plumber, evaluate their current clients and ask whether they are registered contractors and what services they offer. Besides, ask them to create a repair and maintenance program.