Is Your Water Heater Failing? 3 Common Signs of Trouble

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Is Your Water Heater Failing? 3 Common Signs of Trouble

17 December 2020
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The hot water system conveniently supplies your home with hot water for cooking and washing needs. When it is working correctly, you will not have to complain about cold showers and other issues. But, when it starts to fail, you are left trying to fix endless problems. Unfortunately, few homeowners know how to predict that their hot water systems are failing. It is only after the system completely fails when they realise that something is wrong.

Here are the three most common ways that you can tell when your hot water system is failing, and when to call a competent plumber.

When the Water Changes Colour

A clean and functional hot water tank should produce water which is as clean as it was when going in. You might have a little white residue if you come from places that have hard water, and that is still safe. However, if your hot water taps start producing gritty and discoloured water, it is time to think about investigating the cause. 

Your tank contains a magnesium anode whose function is to prevent the inside of the tank from corroding. It is called a sacrificial anode because as the tank gets older, it starts to rust faster than the tank. When it wears down completely, the tank itself starts rusting and producing brownish water. A plumber can look inside the tank to see whether you still have an anode remaining. If not, they will replace it.

When the Hot Water Stinks

Again, if the hot water getting into the tank does not have odd smells, it should not come out with strange smells. One of the familiar smells that indicate the tank is in trouble is the rotten egg smell. It is caused by the reaction between bacteria in the water and the magnesium anode.

The plumber will eliminate the smell by cleaning the inside of the tank and replacing the anode with one made from a different metal. 

When the Tank Heats Noisily

When you have been with your tank for some time, you will know which noises are regular, and which ones are not. If your tank starts making strange noises when you try to heat it, there is a possibility that a component has broken down. 

The tank typically makes strange noises when it has mineral sediments from the water. The plumber flushes the tank to eliminate the noise.

It would be wise to call a plumber when you notice signs of trouble with your hot water tank. They will help you repair problems and increase the length of time your tank will serve you.

For more information, contact a local hot water repair service.