Understanding Hot Water System Changeover

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Understanding Hot Water System Changeover

19 October 2020
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The most common types of hot water systems include hot water tank systems (can either be electric, gas or solar-powered), continuous flow hot water systems and instant water heater showerheads. Here's what you need to know about these hot water systems and hot water system changeovers:

Hot Water Tank Systems

They comprise of a tank and a water heating mechanism that is either electric, gas, or solar-powered. The tank has an inlet that brings in water from your mains water supply and stores it in the tank. When you need hot water, you are expected to turn on a switch that activates the heating mechanism.

You might, however, be required to preheat the water so that you find it hot or warm at the time of need. Think of it like how you would heat water in an electric kettle. This tells you that if you wait for too long before using the hot water, it will turn cold.

Instant Water Showerheads

These came after hot water tanks because there was a demand for a way to heat the water when needed and not having to preheat. All you need to do is install a hot water showerhead, turn a switch on and turn the shower knob clockwise. Water gets heated as it pours; you can even set different heating levels, where you might find low, medium, high, and very high. This is very convenient for those who may have instant hot water needs.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

These work like instant showerheads, but they are not installed in your shower. They provide an electric or gas-powered chamber that heats your water as it passes through, meaning hot water comes out of your taps or shower. Your water supply needs to pass through this chamber to achieve this.

What is a Hot Water System Changeover?

This is the process of switching from one hot water system to another or switching from one power source to another. What does this mean?

You might currently have a hot water tank system and want to switch over to an instant water showerhead or a continuous flow hot water system. Likewise, you might have an electric-powered hot water tank system that you want to change to a gas-powered hot water tank system.

Why Would You Need a Hot Water System Changeover?

The two main reasons you would need a hot water system changeover is to save on costs and to meet your hot water needs. Gas might be cheaper than electricity, but this depends on your hot water use. An example can be if you have a large family. Of course, an instant water heater showerhead might lead to a high energy bill. You might find a gas-powered hot water tank system more economical in the long run, but it may be expensive to install.

Any time you need a hot water system changeover, contact a hot water system company so that a professional assessment is done. The assessment helps identify the most suitable hot water system for your needs.