Three Common Services You Should Get Your Plumber To Do Before Summer

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Three Common Services You Should Get Your Plumber To Do Before Summer

28 September 2020
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Summer is no doubt one of the most resource-intensive seasons for you as a homeowner or renter. From having to blast the air conditioning to keeping your lawn trimmed and everything else, there is a lot you need to keep in mind as the weather starts to heat up. One area of your home that is often forgotten about in summer is your plumbing. Plumbing is essential in summer, as often your demands for water go up with more frequent showers and refilling of water bottles. Here are three simple things your plumber can do to prepare your home for a smooth summer.

Blocked Drains Check

If you have been teetering on the edge of booking a plumber to look at your drains but haven't quite decided if you need to yet, then it is always best to err on the side of caution, especially with summer coming up. The heat can make any blockages fester and create nasty bacteria and mould that can be actually dangerous for your health. Checking problematic drains is a common part of plumbing, and minor repairs (which encompasses most blocked drain repairs) can be done straight away to leave you with free-flowing drains for summer.

Upgrade Or Inspect Sprinklers

If you have a sprinkler system in your garden, as many Australians do, then each summer you should have it inspected at least once by a professional plumber. This is to not only look for leaks but also to see if the sprinklers are being as effective as they can be or whether you need an upgrade. There is nothing worse than a rusted sprinkler system that can barely pour a drop of water on your thirsty garden, and often by the time summer rolls around, it will be too late to save your plants if you didn't realise your sprinkler was broken. 

Water Heating Unit Inspection

Summer is when electronic equipment is under the most stress, and that goes for your water heating unit as well. Keeping your water cool during summer is an important task that your water heating unit fulfils as well as also providing warm water for showers, washing machines and dishwashers. Before the full force of summer hits, it is a good idea for you to call for a plumbing inspection, and many contractors offer this exact service as a one-size-fits-all approach to summer preparation. If you need to get our unit repaired, it is best to know before that happens so you may avoid any problematic outages during your time of need. 

Reach out to a plumbing professional to learn more.