5 Reasons to Heat Your Pool With an Inverter Heat Pump

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5 Reasons to Heat Your Pool With an Inverter Heat Pump

24 August 2020
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Inverter heat pumps are the newest form of swimming pool heat pump on the market. And if you already have an on/off heat pump, then you'll probably be wondering why you would want to change. Actually, inverter heat pumps have several advantages over your typical swimming pool heat pump.

1. They Put Less Strain on Your Power Supply

Because regular pool pumps are designed to reach the desired temperature and then turn off, they can put a strain on your electrical system. This is especially true if you have multiple appliances running at the same time indoors. This is because the electrical surge that comes from restarting the pump every time the temperature changes can have a negative impact on your electrical supply. Inverter pumps reach the desired temperature and then slow down as much as 25% to maintain a steady speed. There is no need to stop and restart the pump.

2. They Make Much Less Noise

Some inverter pumps are also much quieter than a typical heat pump because they utilise both the fan and the compressor. This means they run more slowly and make less noise as a result.

3. They Use Less Energy

A normal heat pump runs at the same speed until it reaches the desired temperature. This consumes more energy than an inverter heat pump. Inverter heat pumps reach the desired temperature quickly and then slow down to maintain a steady temperature. Normal heat pumps turn off and then turn back on again to keep the temperature steady. This uses more power. 

4. They Can Be Tuned to Suit the Environment

One of the best features of inverter heat pumps is that you can tune them to your climate. This means that if you want a slow but steady temperature increase from late afternoon to early evening, you can do that. Whatever your climate, the ability to tune your inverter pump will allow you to adapt your pool heating strategy more easily.  

5. They Reach the Desired Temperature Quickly

Inverter heat pumps are designed to reach the desired temperature quickly before slowing down to a steady pace that helps maintain the temperature. Typical heat pumps take longer to reach the desired temperature. If you get home from work then and want to take a dip before the sun sets, an inverter heat pump won't keep you waiting.

Are you ready to swap your on/off heat pump for a more economical and effective inverter pump? Then get in touch with a company that provides inverter pool heat pumps. You'll save power and stay warm with fewer drafts.