Helpful Water Line Leak Detection Techniques for Plumbers

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Helpful Water Line Leak Detection Techniques for Plumbers

30 June 2020
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Water is a precious resource that needs to be conserved. Unfortunately, aging water systems cause a lot of water loss. That is why it is crucial to detect water leaks and fix them. Most businesses and homeowners will hire plumbing services when they suspect leaking in their pipes. As a plumbing expert, you need to have the right water leak detection tools to find out the source of the leaks.

If you do not have the professional leak detection tools, then you may need to work with water line leak detection services. Here is a look at some techniques these professionals use. 

1. Acoustics

Different types of leaks will produce varying sounds. Once a pressurised pipe ends up with damages or punctures, different sounds can help locate the leaking point. The sounds in the piping can also establish the cause of the leak. Leak detection experts use their tools to find out what different sounds mean. Therefore, that saves time you would have spent repairing the pipes. Acoustics can help detect leaks that are more than a meter deep. The size of the pipe and the surrounding soil affect how far the technique can work. 

2. Cameras

Cameras are also an effective way of detecting water leaks in pipes. In the process, the leak detection professionals insert a camera into the tube. Before putting in the camera, it is important to shut off the water supply. The cameras with high definition will show the exact location of the leaks. These cameras, however, only work when there is an unblocked entry point. After finding out the leaking site, you can employ trenchless pipe repairs for your clients. 

3. Tracer Gas Detection

When it is difficult to use sound to detect the leaks, then tracer gas might do the trick. In this technique, the specialists will empty all the water from the pipeline. After this, they fill the pipes with high-pressure gas. The pressurised gas will move through the pipes but begin sipping out when it gets to the cracks. The gas will rise to the surface where a sensitive gas detector can identify it. The gas the experts use does not contain any toxins or corrosive properties. Therefore, it is safe to use in sewage and water pipes. 

Dealing with water leaks repair does not have to be a long process for you. Working with a water line leak detection service can prove helpful for your plumbing company. That way, you can find out the exact area where there is a leak. You can then fix these leaks within a short time and move on to the next plumbing job.