3 Important Advantages of a Tankless System

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3 Important Advantages of a Tankless System

13 February 2020
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The importance of residential water heating systems is often not appreciated until these systems break down, and one can no longer enjoy the convenience of a hot shower after a long day at work.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider replacing your conventional storage tank heater with a tankless model rather than have it repaired.

With Tankless System, There Is Energy to Be Saved

As compared to storage tank water heaters, tankless systems are inherently more energy efficient. With the storage tank heating system, water is heated and stored in the tank so that hot water will readily flow out of the tank when needed. This means that the water stored in the tank has to reheat constantly to maintain the desired water temperature.

On the other hand, tankless systems heat cold water instantly as the water flows into the pipes that connect the system to your faucets. Installing a tankless heating system eliminates the need to reheat water, thereby using up less energy constantly. Replacing your storage tank heater with its tankless equivalent can, therefore, help to bring down your electricity utility bill by a significant margin.

There Is Money to Be Saved

Storage tank heaters can be expensive to maintain. Corrosion of the storage tank is a common problem associated with these heating systems and so is the wearing out of anode rods that are an integral part of the entire system.

Corroded tanks can be repaired while worn-out anodes have to be replaced. There are no tanks that will need repairs and no rods that will need replacement with a tankless heating system because tanks and anode rods do not form part of the system. This means that you will spend less money on maintenance and repairs to the heating system than you would with one that uses storage tanks.

Tankless Water Systems Are a Safer Option

The likelihood of water damage to your household items is higher with the conventional storage tank heating system. Such damage is likely to occur due to a leaking storage tank or due to flooding if the storage tank gets ruptured.

Leakages and flooding are an unlikely problem with tankless heating systems because they eliminate the need for unnecessary storage of heated water.

Give it some thought. It might be a better idea to install a tankless heating system rather than repair your broken-down storage-tank water heater. Speak with a professional about hot water systems for more information.