Three questions to help choose the right water pump

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Three questions to help choose the right water pump

10 February 2020
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Having a tank to collect water is a great way to reduce your reliance on scheme water but that water is only useful to you if you can that water into your home and for that, you will need a water tank pump. Water tank pumps vary and what is great for one situation may be a complete failure if tried in other circumstances so it is important to make sure that you have the right pump before you make your purchase. The key areas that you will need to address are the water pressure which the pump can generate, the power of the pump and the amount of energy which the pump draws.

Have you got the water pressure right?

When you are buying water tank pumps then you will need to consider the pressure at which the pump will deliver the water to your property. The pressure you need will depend upon how you will be using the water. If you are filling up a cistern or a washing machine throughout the day then low water pressure will be quite sufficient. If you need to use the water for showering or want to run multiple taps at the same time then you will need a much higher water pressure to accommodate that.

Where does the water need to go?

The greater the distance between the tank and the area where the water will be used the more powerful the pimp will need to be. The pump will need to be particularly powerful if you are moving the water against gravity, perhaps you have a ground-level tank and want to use the water on the top floor of your property.

Is your pump energy efficient?

One aspect of water tank pumps that people tend to forget is that they draw energy or consume petrol when they are in use. If you need to pump the water at high pressure or for a prolonged distance then you might consider buying the largest pump that you can find, but is that really the right decision? Pumping your own water might cut your water bills, but water tank pumps which are too large could be increasing your fuel costs and offsetting any savings. It best to talk to your supplier and pick a pump that is powerful enough but not more powerful than you need. You could also look at installing a header tank system or gravity feed system to reduce the amount of time which your pump must be active.