Get Your Shower Straightened Out With A Linear Drain

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Get Your Shower Straightened Out With A Linear Drain

5 February 2020
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You probably don't often consider the importance of your shower drain. When constructing a new house or renovating your current one, it might be perhaps the last item you check off your list — and for good reason. There haven't been any new changes to the humble shower drain in decades, right? Well, currently there is a new trend that is rising in popularity amongst fellow shower drain options. There are many reasons why the linear shower drainage system could be right for you, and here are just a few. 

Easier To Install With Tiles

A linear shower drainage system's opening is, as its name would suggest, a single, thin line that runs across the end of your shower. This is beneficial for several reasons, but most notably, it allows for much easier construction of your shower. Tiles are generally too large to fit well with a traditional shower drainage grate, which means that you need smaller tiles that take longer to install, collect far more bacteria and are much harder to clean over a long period of time. A linear shower drainage system allows you to have regularly sized tiles that are simpler to install and maintain.

Better Placement

To be effective, your current shower drainage system is likely in the middle of your shower. This means that there is a slightly recessed middle so that the runoff water flows towards the shower grate when you are showering. A linear shower drainage system is placed at the end of your shower so that the whole shower has the same angle. This is a much more elegant design and is also better for your balance, especially for older users. 

Stop Hairs From Clogging The Drain

Your linear shower drainage unit comes with several measures that protect against blockage due to your hair. Unlike a traditional grate that is a simple drop into the plumbing below, a linear shower drain has a couple of layers before it enters the plumbing. Between one of these layers is what is called a "basket" that catches any loose hairs before they can clump in the drain below. There is nothing grosser than a clogged drain that is created from old hair. Put the memories of digging those morbid clumps out of the drain behind you — get a linear shower drain and never think about it again.

To learn more about linear shower drainage, contact a plumber.